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We call the learners “passengers”. They are on a continuous learning journey where everyone thrives to learn and improve their skills. 

We work everyday to combine technology and humans.

We meet your specific needs, link to your priority.
A radical new format to fit your strategic upskilling roadmap.
We are able to train large numbers of employees
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Learning Is Now
a Human-machine symbiosis.

Binôme AI


5 reasons

We created an AI-platform supporting our pedagogical team to define the best adaptive learning journey for each of us. 

Our R&D team develops new features to assist both passengers and pedagogical engineers.


Mobile learning at core

We pioneer in mobile learning with our learning bots engaging with learners throughout their full learning journey. A completely new way of interacting with your training and boost the results.


Asynchronous training is key

Our pedagogical team develop original micro learning content for the largest global companies. We understand your challenges and develop the right micro learning contents to make everyone succeed.


Engagement drives ROI

Thanks to our easy to use mobile app and the bots interactions, learners stay engaged on a long term. We assess the development skills over the course of the learning journey. And what better proof than being able to see the progress you’ve made!


Easy to deploy global solution

If there is one thing that is common, cross continent, generation and job positions, it should be the mobile applications to chat with our friends, family or business partners. 

Our mobile application is not just another mobile application, it is the one we need to chat to learn!


Data-centric learning platform

Our programs are AI-powered to adapt and personalize the learning journey to each of us. But more than that, we want to give our partners the opportunity to visualize a full data-centric reporting of their learning programs. A full set of data visualisation will support any training decision making.

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