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We have developed the first automated conversational training. A unique mobile application to deploy any training program, interact with learners and ensure skill improvement. 


We understand where and how all of us learn best. Thanks to our easy-to-use solution, you can make sure to get the best results for your trainings.


All our training programs are fully monitored with a data-centric approach from the onboarding of learners to their assessment. 

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as a Conversation

Every training programme has a dedicated bot with its personality, tone and way of interacting. We make sure it matches your company culture and vision.

By creating a conversation with the learner, we engage in a long-term partnership with them. Starting from common ground training to personalised weekly updates, you start a continuous dialog with your learners.



What if the learning contents fitted both your company goals and every learner's potential? 

Today, the learning industry needs to embrace technology and get the most of it. That is why we have created the our platform. 

We believe every learning professional should access the most powerful updated solution to interact and support their learning strategy.

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What if you could split a complex scheme into a simple solution? 


New habits require new learning contents. Whether you have training content available or just an idea, we will assist you and ensure you get the perfect combination of short interactions and micro-learning contents to optimize the learning journey of everyone.



What if you could ensure everyone receives the relevant information? 


You may have groups of learners located in different continents, with different goals and issues to tackle. 

Our technology makes it possible to create a general training program that still fits all learners' individual needs.

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What if everyone could follow their steps and act on their learning journey?


Using the latest neurolearning research, we support and encourage learners to keep learning. With a simple and powerful dashboard, they track their progress and follow their achievements. 

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Your Teams

What if you could track the progress of learners at a glance?


Your dashboard is built to enable you to follow and support learners throughout their learning path as well as match the conformity requirements.

From your dashboard, you can invite new learners, follow their progress, see their training times, download official training attestations.


Learners campaign

What if you no longer had to contact learners to connect and start their training program? 


We know every learning professional has faced an issue of engagement with their learning content. That is why we have developed a fully automated campaign to maximize your learning strategy. Focus on your learning strategy, we take care of your learners' journey.

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