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To create the right training programme, it is crucial to understand the global context and strategy. 

Your environment is challenging, with a complex competitive landscape. A training programme is a great tool to onboard all your learners and focus on common objectives.   

We see training programmes as an important part of your communication and empowerment strategy. By taking your goals into account, we will create a full 360 learning and internal communication among your learners.  




Step by Step

We are here to assist you in the development of the program. Defining the learning goals, the key takeaway of the program and the type of assessment; here are some of the topics we will develop and validate together. 

We will analyze your materials and create your original microlearning contents. Our pedagogical team has proven to create programs from soft skills to technical knowledge. 



HUH-SCHOOL-HD-22 (1).jpg

A small human push is always of great help to make sure that even the most skeptical learners start their training. 

A technical question, a missing email? We understand small issues may stop even the most motivated learner. 

That is why our ‘customer success’ team is here to assist your team and learners. We help you monitor and motivate everyone to create their own learning routine.



What we love more than creating the perfect adaptive training program: making sure everyone knows about it. 

We develop with you a full set of marketing materials and communication activities. It consists of launching materials as well as continuous actions to attract and retain the maximum of your learners.




We follow the highest standards to keep our mobile application and web dashboard fully accessible 24/7. We understand, as well, the importance of security and data protection. That is why we fully comply with the requirements to make sure you can develop your training program in a safe and stable environment.

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